Rules of the Blogs (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Rules of the Blogs (READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty Rules of the Blogs (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post  SilverJustin on Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:00 pm

Post about your life in here, but here are rules to follow, or your blog will be closed, and not visible to the public.

1. Do not post real names. If you want to talk talk about your friends, or brothers, or anything else like that, just say 'Brother', or 'Friend'.
2. No other personal info of any kind, such as phone number, or address.
3. No flaming (Of course).
4. Don't talk about sexual content (Once again, of course)
5. Blogs must be at least 2 paragraphs long.

Other than that, you have me, and the mod's blessing. If you see anything that dosen't belong let me, or a mod, know.

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